Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ur future

Welcome to our future that will b wen we go out to pursue ... What we want...

Well i wud want to pursue a career in  some realistic n sum non realistic things....
Interviewing n talking to many ppl of diff careers i found that sucking n difficult truth .
We have to adjust in evry situation .
While working in companies a lot of expectations are on us (on our little shoulders .... ).

For eg
In It companies
Long hours ,  hardwork and efficiency is major in their for promotions
U want money
Do the work

In fashion industry
U be creative ,  land more potential clients n ur gr8....

In law firms ,  the more cases u solve the more btr u bcum

So all the ppl hold on fast
Coz there zz hurricane of ppl competing
Be hell as fast or dnt run ..  Just go wid it
Either way u have to go wid the hurricane ... 

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